I am delighted (and relieved) to have found the Easyread system while searching for help for S. We were already aware that she had a problem with her vision but had no idea of the extent to which it was impacting her ability to comprehend the books and reading material she was bringing home from school. After reading the detailed and helpful information provided on the website it became clear that S was sight reading. Over the past few years we had spent hours practising phonics and reading and becoming more frustrated. The amount of time and effort we were putting in was not producing results. We are now six weeks into the the course which S is thoroughly enjoying and it is wonderful to see her confidence increasing. We never have to keep asking her to begin the daily session and we now have a high five ritual as each one is completed.

I nearly decided to reject Easyread as an option thinking that if the sessions were short and fun they couldn’t possibly work. We started with the free introductory offer and seeing how engaging the sessions were I felt we should give it a try. So far I am sure we have made the right decision. Thanks to David and the team for developing an alternative and fun approach to learning. As others have said we would love to see a maths course!