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When Rhys started the Easyread System he was at least 2 years behind his classmates in all subjects. He had so little confidence he would not apply himself in any of the lessons. He was well behaved at school but would not even begin the tasks the children were set, let alone finish them.

His confidence began to grow with the introduction of Easyread, the support he received from the team along with the certificates, prizes and letters (which he was able to read himself) really boosted him.

Since September 2010 he has acheived reading level 10 at school, he began the term at level 5!! His writing level has risen from 2C (very poor) to 5C and for the first time ever he is achieving A and B grades on his reports. He has improved in every subject since learning to read well.

I cannot thank Easyread enough, I believe they have attributed greatly to Rhys’s progress and would quite happily have paid double and will do so for my daughter when she is old enough.

Thank you,