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Rose gets on with her Easyread sessions very efficiently. Yesterday, I reminded Rose she had some spellings to learn for a test at school today. She read each one, copied it down, then I tested her on them and she got them all right. She got them all right when tested later in the day too. Usually, she would get some wrong and have to be reminded – it would take two or three days to get the spellings in. I said to her, ‘You are learning your spellings more quickly nowadays, since you’ve been doing Easyread and all these eye exercises’ – and she said, ‘I just used to forget them before. Now I can remember them. Thankyou!’ Her reading is definitely easier since she did the tracking exercises, and she reads many more words easily than before. She is still not sitting and reading to herself much, but is happier to read to me than ever before, and much more confident when she does. Her progress may not be dramatic, but I am very pleased with how things are going. I know she is in the middle of the process, and we are both very happy with our routine, confident that she will go on improving.

-Mel Horsey