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Thanks for your mail,Roshil has indeed improved a lot in his free reading,there is still little bit of guessing in his free reading outside of the lessons as he tries to impress us with speed but when we remind him to look at it again he decodes it.

There are some words he still wants to read phonetically eg:people as pi op ley and walk as volk etc which I am sure he will pick up in the days to come.spelling is still very bad,hope it improves further down in the programme.

He is now in level 7 in reading as per his school,so a good improvement from level 2 to level 7 in 2 months time.

we are happy with the progress,he might take upt0 90 lessons to read fluently and correctly,but he is getting so good with each passing day

We will follow the golden rules in this phase as well!thank you for all your support
p.s:he loves letter quest so if you could do something so he gets letter quest often he will be more than happy

– B (lesson 70)