Thanks for the Skype session last week.
Ruby has made great progress over the 88 lessons she has completed.
The program, and the team, have definitely fulfilled on the unconditional promise of clear reading progress with normal books by lesson 90.
Ruby is feeling much more confident in her ability to learn to read. She still believes she is behind the majority of her peers in reading (although I am not sure this is true any longer), but is able to see what progress she has made.
Her teachers have notice a dramatic improvement in Ruby reading, and are really please with what we have been doing with her.

And, since our Skype session, we have been focusing on reading each page after Ruby has decoded it. It has really helped having her hear you say she needs to do it, and she is no longer hearing me as asking her to do it just for the sake of it. She seems to better understand it helps her brain to learn each word.

Thank you again for the all the support with the program.
We really appreciate it.

– L