I wanted to share with you all that Lily has been saying for some time that she can’t read, even as she’s been learning how to. This morning, after our lesson, I handed her one of her books and asked her to read a story to me. At first, she just wanted to read one page. But I encouraged her to try the whole thing. So, she read the whole story to me. We had to work through a few words, but halfway through the story, she looked up at me and said: “I guess I CAN read.” She asked me not to make a big deal, so I feigned a very casual response, which made her laugh.

It has been so wonderful to see her confidence continue to grow and to see her become more and more certain that she can read. She has worked so hard. And we are grateful for your program and support.

When I told her that she is now capable of reading the entire picture book section at the library, she skipped and said “yay!”

Thank you so much for creating this program! We really appreciate everything that you do.

– A