This message is in regards to the membership. I would like to cancel. Thanks to this program, Melah is now reading independently with confidence and she enjoys reading now. She is reading to and with me, and to her brothers. She no longer views reading as a stressful activity. She is developing a genuine love for reading. Before we started this program reading was stressful to her causing her a lot of anxiety and she struggled a lot with it and with low self esteem due to her challenge with learning to read. She is now the complete opposite and it has been a beautiful thing to watch her discover reading and see her feel good about her accomplishments on this journey. I am so proud of her and happy for her.
I wanted to thank you and this program so very much for helping my daughter. We tried so many programs and it was miserable seeing her so upset and feeling bad about herself time and time again. I can’t think you guys enough for this wonderful gift you have given her. I tell other moms about this program and how it has helped Melah.
Thank you so very much again!

– J