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We are very happy with what we have seen so far.  We have seen a tremendous boost in confidence, and there is never any resistance to doing EasyRead.  We have not missed one day since we began.

In re-reading the text, she does well on the ones with text, but struggles a bit with the non text words.   I think that it’s hard because it forces her to decode, which is what she needs.   Still occasional guessing, but she is now self correcting.  So a step in the right direction.

She came home from school yesterday to say that she volunteered to read a paragraph out loud in class. That speaks volumes!!

My daughters best friend in the neighborhood, who is also a struggling reader (one year younger), has been wanting to do EasyRead, since she saw Sofia doing it.   And her parents signed her up this week!!  I’m excited for her also.

I’m hoping we see continued improvement, and would like to see this program adopted by schools, and I’m also speaking to our tutoring provider about the possibility of adding it.

Thanks so much, and I’ll keep in touch.