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“I couldn’t believe it when I read testimonials on the Easyread website describing struggling reading behaviours exactly like Sienna’s, and the resulting frustrations felt by the child and their families. It was like someone had lifted the roof off our house and people were writing all about us.

I thought even if Easyread could help half as well as it had helped those I’d read about it would be great.

Well, from Day 1, it was amazing. Sienna’s resistance to reading disappeared immediately and her confidence grew every day.

Sienna has now completed the course, earned her helicopter, is reading very fluently AND is reading for enjoyment. The change in her has been incredible. She is now loving school and nothing stresses her out anymore.

Definitely the best thing we could have done for Sienna.  Thank you, thank you Easyread Team.”

Sienna’s mum, Lisa.

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A proud qualified secret agent with her well-deserved helicopter and gold certificate

Congratulations Sienna! We’re super proud of how far you’ve come in the space of 7 months. We hope you enjoy flying the helicopter, and that it’s not too tough to be sharing the flying time with your dad…!

Sienna was also one of the winners of our Halloween Short Story Competition. You can read her spooky story here on the blog.

– Maddie