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His skill at reading and decoding is really great and he is much much faster and fluid than when we first started.

I do wonder whether his identified “boredom” as he puts it is because he is “getting it”. Its all beginning to make sense and hes hungry for more, and seeking more complex stuff. Certainly books he gets out of the library are more complex and he doesn’t not try to read them… quite the opposite he does try and does well… just slower as the print is smaller.
We are reading together and he is reading much better in all areas of his life. His teacher is really supportive and is very happy with his progress and current skills.
and his general interest for words and what they mean and how to spell them is growing each day.

He also reports the games to be boring now there is little variation or choice. While these are now optional I get him to do them as they have more challenging words and show when he is guessing – catching him out, as well as when he has had to really work out a word through decoding rather than simply he knows the word. He gets extra special computer fun time for doing them or time with me doing something… his pick.

Zachary’s reading, spelling, maths and writing have improved so much since starting Easyread, his last school testing showed he was only 6 months behind his peers with reading spelling and writing ( a 2.5 yr imrprovement). He is now spelling using more complex words, adjectives and demonstrates much less fear about a collection of words together.