I’m so, so very excited and happy. Emily had a writing assessment last week at school, and her results were fantastic, she did such an amazing job and her teacher was very pleased with her results. She is at and above her level. I really can’t believe it and am so thrilled about it. Her reading has improved immensely and I can tell she is using tools to decode words when she gets stuck, so incredible to see. Your program is amazing and even that I never had any doubts seen the results is absolutely thrilling. She just need to build her confidence a bit more and believe in herself.
My question is now, as I don’t completely understand the numbers in her results, what can you see and maybe explain her results? In the graphs, is the line or dots that apply to her?
Also how does it work, when does program finishes? Is it like a final session as such? Or is up to the parents?
Again I’m super excited and thanks you so much for such a fantastic and fun program to help kids read and write.