“Emily [8 years-old] seems to be flying through the lessons at the moment and really enjoying it. If I forget about doing our daily lesson she always reminds me and get it all set up ready to go. She absolutely loves the book she reading at the moment in the reading section and is happy to do the last game after reading section, as she went through a stage that she didn’t want to do last game.

She still does a bit of guessing but not with the short simple words, more with a longer difficult word, and I have to remind her to slow down, decode and use pictures to help her. Is that still normal? Certainly shorter words she is confident and no guessing happening.

I haven’t seen huge improvement in her reading yet but I know that is still to come and that is ok, but something that has surprised me is her huge improvement in confidence and how relaxed she is with her reading, we’re not seeing the fidgeting, nervousness, anxiety and constant guessing she used to do. It’s great and so excited to see her progress.”

Emily’s mum at lesson 63