We have definitely seen a lot of positive changes lately.

We got out of our routine of the lessons over Christmas, then we had a bit of disruption at home, and now Lacey is having a bit of a hard time getting back into it… But we are trying to persevere as we really do see the benefits.

Her spellings seem to have come on so much. We make a note of any words she hasn’t been able to read, she copies them three times in her handwriting book, and at the end of the week she checks to see which ones she remembers. This has been working really well, last week she remembered 9 of the 12 words, and all of them where pretty close to being correct – which I think is incredible considering she hadn’t even been able to read them a few days before.

I’ve also started to notice her reading things without being asked (leaflets, signs, my text messages!! haha), which she has never done before.