“My husband had a meeting with Ian’s teacher today. She said Ian’s reading had improved and for us to keep doing whatever we were doing at home.

Of course, we are doing Easyread lessons at home! I am sure you’ll be “surprised” that Ian is reading better now that he knows how to sound out words!

This is my second child using Easyread and I love it. Ian and I have made some adjustments since I last spoke with you, which has helped with the Place Name and Rhyme Time exercises.

I have learned to high-five my encouragement first, and then talk because that works better for Ian. I was so happy for him the other day when he sounded and blended the place name “Thrimbley” correctly!

For now, we are jolly good and hoping to keep up the momentum to take-off reading.


A very happy mum second time around at lesson 43.