“We are enjoying Easyread so far. Evan especially likes the games, his favourite being Letter Quest. We are both finding it easy to keep up with the short, daily lessons routine.

Evan really liked the Coolest Cars book. When I asked him if there were anything he would liked to improve about Easyread he replied that it needs more non-fiction books like that.

I have seen improvements with Evan’s decoding since we began. When he slips back to guessing it is usually because he is distracted. It reminds me to make sure that his little brother, LEGO bricks and the dog are out of the picture for the 15 minutes we need to complete the lesson.

Evan’s confidence in his reading has definitely improved since we started the program. He recently volunteered to co-narrate the Christmas pageant at our church. I was a bit nervous for him, but he told me not to worry because if he didn’t know a word he would picture the Easyread characters to help him decode it. Besides, he said, he had a week to practice. Christmas Eve came and he read his part of the script flawlessly. I was so proud of him. Thank you for giving him the tools and the confidence to read publicly.”

A testimonial from Evan’s mum, lesson 45.