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We just did David’s next lesson and he was thrilled to get a codeword this morning and very excited to get his next prize in the post, hopefully before the weekend.

Lesson 42 I think has been the best reading and re-reading so far. He insisted on reading the whole text set, which he did very well and with minimal sounding required and then re-read the whole set fluently.

The scrambled text went very well as well with some words read almost without sounding, with only the longer trickier words requiring sounding. Sounding and blending now happens naturally with almost no difficulty, an amazing improvement on the problems we were experiencing on this front a few weeks ago.

So, in essentially 42 days we have achieved the following:
1. He knows all the characters and can almost fluently read the text and scrambled text
2. He can sound and blend successfully
3. He is confident in attempting any games or text and he enjoys every lesson
4. AND I have seen glimpses of spontaneous reading out and about!!
5. Most importantly, we have identified the eye-tracking issue, I now understand the impact of this problem and am able to deal with it.

I would also like to thank you for the amazing support you have given me through the process so far. Somehow you know what to say or what information to give just when I need it and like this morning, I have often felt like you were reading my mind…

– L