Dear David, Sarah and all the Easyread Team,

Thank you so much for your excellent programme that Matthew has just completed.

It has made such a significant difference to his ability and his confidence. It was such a relief to find David’s summary of the possible situations that Easyread would address – to find explained the exact situation Matt was in, which didn’t fit his school’s educational model or more common discussions of dyslexia…

I have recommended the system to a number of family and friends with kids who are not flourishing under their schools’ methods for reading, or who seem to be getting into the same habits that I recognised in Matt and that David explained so clearly in his introductory videos and text.

Thank you so much for the motivational gifts that have punctuated the course – they have been a real winning combination for Matt. The fact that they have been of good quality has been a real positive for me – the last thing they need is more flimsy plastic bits of tat in the toybox!

Thank you again for the course and for the system. I wish you many more years of successes.