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Thank you very much for everything you have done over the last 10 month. It was really strange this morning to think that we don’t need to factor in Easyread time every day- obviously that makes our lives easier but it is sad in a way as well as it has become a major part of our lives.

It has taken a lot of input from us as well as Molly but the benefits have been immense, Molly is so much more confident in her abilities and will attempt spellings she previously wouldn’t have. Her handwriting is much neater and her work is generally so much easier to understand.  Her most recent homework although still with spelling mistakes was completed all on her own, with no tears and was beautifully neat, in sentences and completely understandable which is such a major step forward.

So thank you not only for helping Molly to spell but for helping us to understand the struggles she has been going through and helping to support us through some frustrating months.

– L