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I would just like to say what a huge difference Easyread has made to Will so far. Before we started the course Will found it a huge struggle to read basic words and refused to read or write and homework was a real battle. His confidence was low and the children at school had started excluding him from games and activities.

Six weeks into the course he has progressed so much already – he has jumped up three reading levels at school, his spelling has dramatically improved from 0 out of 6 to 6 out of six and he is reading every road sign in sight! His confidence has improved and I am sure he realises how much Easyread is helping him because he is always willing and ready to do each exercise.

There are no battles – he looks forward to it and finds it fun. I have to say it has been like a switch that has been turned on. On my part I have found the support amazing and the knowledge of the team have help me to understand the difficulties Will faced and why he found it hard to retain information. I am so impressed with Easyread that I would recommend it to any parent concerned with their child’s reading ability. I think by starting this now with Will 6 years old this will make a huge difference to Wills reading in later years.

Thank you so much for this amazing course.

– K