Thanks David it was great to connect tonight and chat about Samuel’s progress. We are delighted that he is so engaged in this process.  He comes home from school wanting to go online to the the day’s lesson. He says it fun, and not boring like other ways he has been taught.

Congratulations on developing such a great program, and also for the training for parents which I am enjoying. We have been seeking support for Samuel pretty much since he started school – assessments, tutoring, eye therapy, and are committed at home reading with him and trying to encourage him. While we have certainly seen him improve over the years, we could see we needed more help.

Samuel is not enthusiastic about learning which has been frustrating but we can see that the difficulties he has with reading, is probably a big contributor. His personality probably is not that well suited to traditional school settings and teaching methods either.

We are very excited about the potential with the EasyRead approach.

Looking forward to seeing how things go for him