We are really enjoying the program, and I honestly can’t say I would change anything. I am so excited to see M decoding words from start to finish, not only with the program but with other books as well. We have had 2 “firsts” this week; First of all Mathew drew a picture which included a sentence explaining his picture, and secondly he picked out and brought two books to me to read on his own. He has never ever voluntarily written anything up until this point, and he has also never voluntarily read a book to me.

Because of M’s successes so far and our wonderful school’s readiness to accommodate his special learning needs, we have decided to enrol him in school again. He attended kindergarten and first grade in school, but his difficulties reading had become so apparent that I didn’t think he could continue in the classroom setting appropriately. I homeschooled him for second grade and the beginning of third grade, His math, auditory memory, and reasoning skills have been progressing beautifully, but throughout second grade I could not see much improvement with his reading. That is until we discovered easy read, and it has made all the difference in the world. He started second-quarter of third grade this week.

It will definitely be a challenge to do both his homework and his easy read program now that he’s in school, but we will make it a priority. Thank you so much for developing this program.

K (at lesson 43)
P.S. I do not mind if you quote anything that I said, but I would like M’s and my name to be left out. Thank you!