As you can imagine we are all thrilled that Ava has completed Easyread. We have decided not to continue (so please cancel our payments), but Ava will continue to read every day so that her reading continues to improve. We have borrowed Alice in Wonderland as an ebook from the library so we can increase the font size, and Ava is happy she will be able to read the rest of the book she started in Easyread.

I wanted to say a big thank you to you, David, and the rest of the team for your support throughout the program. Ava’s reading has improved so much. We have tried many things to help Ava read, and this is the only thing that has worked.

The Easyread approach is so different, painless and entertaining, which is in stark contrast to the other reading systems we investigated.

Ava previously avoided reading, but now she has the confidence and the skills to decode even difficult words. This has reduced the barriers to her broader learning so much, and reduced her frustration.

David should feel very proud that the wonderful program he developed helps so many children. We are so thankful we discovered Easyread.

We will continue to highly recommend Easyread to any parent whose child is struggling to read.

Many thanks again,

– E