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The good news is that Ashrya’s reading keep on improving. To give you concrete examples: she has been reading at school a Jacqueline Wilson book in which she gets herself ‘lost’ and reads a lot more than the 10 minutes she is supposed to do every day. I was feeling poorly last week and she read me a story in the evening: ‘The selfish giant’ from Oscar Wild. It is a big, illustrated book I got her for Christmas but it still has long pages of medium-sized text. She read beautifully, in a much smoother manner than before. She loved it so much she read for herself ‘The nightnigale and the rose’ the following day. I can’t ask anymore than that! I am thrilled that she is enjoying reading and she is feeling happy with her progress. I am seeing the teacher this week who will hopefully confirm what we have noticed at home.

Thank you.