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I wanted to let you know that we are seeing a lot of differences in Hannah, even though she has only been doing her Easyread lessons for a few weeks.

Not only is she attacking words more confidently and actually trying to read when encouraged, but other things in her life are changing too. Interestingly, it has always been a big effort for Hannah to clean and maintain her bedroom. We had tried many different approaches and rewards systems, but nothing helped – she just could not manage it and was constantly overwhelmed by the task, even if we helped her.

Since she began Easyread, Hannah has decided that her room needs to be clean and tidy! And she has actually been keeping it organised! I know that everything is linked in the brain, but I am still gob smacked by the change in the way Hannah’s brain functions after doing Easyread for less than a month. Last night, she cleaned her younger brother’s room too, I could hardly believe it!

So, the eye-tracking exercises are making a difference, but the whole program is changing everything. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon the program that is actually helping her to not only read, but to allow her to function better in lots of ways in everyday life.

Many thanks to everyone at Easyread.

– S