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Jamie can now decode quickly and accurately, something which I am very happy with. I also consider that his spelling has improved and I really feel that now we are on the cusp of a real breakthrough with this. I am looking forward to the results of the next few months work.

The improvements I have seen are as follows;- (a) no flipping of B and D, (b) an understanding of the fact he has to learn the structure of the word, and (c) an ability to sound out a new word (he found this impossible before) – so that is good.

In addition to the work with Easyread I engaged a tutor one hour a week on his maths and this has improved beyond measure. He passed this years testing without a problem mastering his times tables, telling the time and fractions.

The work in Easyread has improved his self-confidence at school significantly and he seems well settled and happy.

He has never found reading difficult, is really clever and the teachers have told us the fact that his spelling was so very poor was holding him back significantly. These lessons offer us hope for a happier child who will eventually be able to produce written work that reflects his intelligence.

– D