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We are so proud of Gil for finishing! This has been quite a journey and we are so thankful for Easyread.

It was a few weeks back and out of nowhere, Gil stated to me: “I love Easyread. It taught me how to read.”

Just so you know, we were your classic case of second grade blues where he was falling behind in school. The school was bringing in resources of reading coaches and beginning the process for special education. However, the more resources they brought, the more it pulled him out of class and the more behind he got in everything.

At home it was like pulling teeth to get him to read anything – always tears. He is adopted from China and was behind in the English language anyway… so it was one big giant mess of tears everywhere, every day. Then we saw the advertisement for Easyread. I’m always hesitant what I see online and try to diligently do my homework before jumping into anything.

We have been nothing but pleased. I loved that it limits the amount of time each day, so my son knew it wouldn’t last long… plus, once he was hooked, it left him wanting for more and looking forward to the next day. I love that it has the trainer text characters and associates sounds with that. I love that we have a resource of (real live) people when we need to discuss what is happening with his reading. I love when he got his spy gear in the mail and watching his face fill with delight for earning it.

Originally, we did Easyread when he got home from school. It was simple and quick and it didn’t feel like more work. Then, this past year we began homeschool because he was so far behind in school and we used Easyread as part of our reading. Either way we used it, it was successful and Gil can read now. And he really believes it is because of you (and so do his parents!).

He not only learned to read, but his confidence has come up and he is caught up with his grade level in more areas than one. He is now working on spelling and writing, so we will continue to use Easy Read so he can continue learning more.

Thank you for this program and for the encouragement you built into it. We are thankful and tell people about Easy Read when we get a chance.

– R