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I just wanted to let you know the good news. I received a phone call from George’s teacher this morning who was thrilled with a reading assessment that George had on Monday. At the start of 2012, George was tested on 2 paragraphs of text from year 3 (approx. 8 yr olds) and he made 20 mistakes without even realising it. George’s comprehension of the text was also poor. George has just been tested on year 6 text (12yr olds-his year level) and only got 2 words wrong which he self-corrected immediately without being told, bringing his overall score to 98%. George’s comprehension was 90%. I am absolutely thrilled by these results and would like to say a BIG thank you, as both the teacher and I are aware that this would not be the case without your fantastic program. Thank you so much!!!

– A