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“All three of my children are using Easyread as our primary reading program. All three children are both gifted and dyslexic – quite a combination. I have been amazed at the progress thus far. Agent J is in third grade this year and with Easyread his reading has improved by leaps and bounds. For example, even with using several different reading programs in our homeschooling last year, when J had his annual achievement testing his reading had improved just slightly – reading only 5 new words (words read without accompanying context) after 12 months!
In the short time he has been doing Easyread my husband and I have been blown away at his progress. It isn’t just that he is reading better, but he is also choosing to read on his own at grabbing books to read at the 3rd grade reading level. He is having very little trouble with leveled readers and often times when he is reading I will anticipate he will need help with a word, only to have him read it with ease.
He still has a ways to go with breaking the old established habit of guessing and he still using context as a large guide for his reading, but we are so early in the program and with the progress he has made – we are beyond thrilled.
The twins (O and M) are progressing as well. M is reading level 1 books and having a blast. We recently went on vacation (an 8 day cruise) and she packed 50 books for the trip! Yes, no exaggeration – she literally stuffed 50 books into her suitcase!
The biggest progress has been with O. He is probably my least confident child. His lack of confidence results in him resisting school work at times, but he never says no to Easyread or puts up a fuss. What is more, the other day he took out a piece of paper and a pencil and started to write a story. He has NEVER done this before, ever. My husband was in awe. He asked for help with spelling some words and I was thrilled when he asked questions like “is ‘board’ spelled with an ‘a’ or an ‘o’?” He realized the “or” sound could have a number of different combinations involving that letters “a” and “o” – wow!
Yes, all three kids still have a long way to go, but I am so amazed with what they have accomplished thus far that I can’t imagine with the next lessons will bring!”

– D (USA)