To the Easyread team

Timothy is doing so well with his reading (and improving with spelling) and we no longer need our subscription. Could you please arrange for this to be cancelled before the next time we are billed?

We started with a little boy who loved stories but struggled with learning to read. Easyread made the difference because it made reading achievable and enjoyable – which enabled us to overcome some big barriers!

On formal testing recently, his reading age was close to two years above his chronological age. This means that reading can now be a joy for him and he is usually found with his head in a book. We honestly would not have been in this position without Easyread. So thank you!

We might be back again when my younger child is learning to read. I want her to have a positive start too.

Many thanks
E (mum of Timothy, lesson 134)

I forgot to mention too that the prizes you send have been really fantastic in their quality and have had a really important motivating effect. This is such a unique part of your program and also made a big difference. 🙂