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Tom is doing really well with his lessons. He is keen to do them every day and even if we can’t get it done first thing in the morning he is quite happy to do them at some other point during the day. He is getting quite used now to sounding out the words using your characters and does this with no problems. We always work the same way – he decodes the story and I write it down and then the next morning we redo it and check it against what I wrote down the day before. This works well and he is happy with it.

Now he is back at school and having had the summer off from reading he is now getting back into nightly reading and we are choosing short Barrington Stoke type books, so nothing to freak him out or frighten him. He is getting on well. He is gaining confidence every day. There is little guessing going on and much more trying to work out a word if he doesn’t know it.

Tom and I are both very happy with how things are going.

– D