We were lucky enough to start Easyread when my son Dmitry has just turned 6. It was brought to our attention by his teacher that he was several levels behind in his reading and comprehension skills compared to where he should be for a grade 1 student (he is one of the youngest in the class, but nonetheless). I started to search for ways to help him, and that is when I came across the video where David talks about bright kids guessing words. Sounded just like Dmitry. I showed the video to my husband, and we signed up for the trial the next day. We are now about 5 months into the program and have seen great improvement. Not only does Dmitry read age appropriate books with minimal help, he started to read labels at the stores, dialogues in video games and such. Today we got a call from Dmitry’s teacher advising us that he has had another assessment and his reading and comprehension skills are now on par with age standards and he is doing exceptionally well! Truly impressive change in such a short time! We are continuing with Easyread, as he still guesses words at times and I believe improvement will continue. Another benefit of Easyread I noticed was that decoding and sound blending skills are transferrable to another language. Dmitry is regularly exposed to a second language, I tried to teach him reading before but it wasn’t clicking. Tried again about 3 months into Easyread and he is now easily putting sounds into words! Easyread has been easy to follow; it was a bit of a time commitment in the beginning due to parent training but after that 15 minutes a day is all it takes. I do find the lesson goes smoother when Dmitry is not tired but even after a busy day at school we can still find the time and energy to do it. He gets very excited when he gets messages from David and prizes in mail. This has been well worth the money, and such a great help for full time working parents. Thank you Easyread!

– E