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Noah was reading the email that you sent me and got very excited by the suggestion of a fart machine! The fact that he read this message in the first place highlights the great progress he is making. Indeed he only struggled with one word, and managed to sound it out by himself. I am very impressed with his progress.

We manage 4 – 5 lessons a week and because they are short, and he is usually completing the lesson in around 5 – 8 minutes, it is not a chore at all. I thought he may be bothered by the Snow White story, but he is very interested in the mean queen, and keen to know the rest of the story. Perhaps this is because we haven’t read many Disney story’s too him, so they are all new and exciting!

As mentioned above, I’m very happy with his progress. His spelling is coming along too. Slowly, but surely.

His mid-term school report has said that Noah now meets the standard for Reading, Writing and Spelling for the year already. This is great news! His first school report for the year said that he was not expected to meet the standard in any areas by December. So to met national standards by July is brilliant.

We also visited a Behavioural Optometrist who feels he processes information very well and is amazed at the progress Noah is making.

I look forward to the fart machine arriving in the post. 🙂

– W