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Keigan has just received his term two report:
ENGLISH: overall mark has gone from a 50 – 59& to a 60 – 69%. COMMENT: Keigan’s work has improved. He is motivated and has a positive attitude towards English. He is a bright student and has shown a delightful improvement in his sentence writing as well as his handwriting. I am so proud of you.

READING: Phonics went from a 0 – 30% to a 50 – 59%!!!!!! Word attach skills- also from a 0 – 30% to 50 – 59%
COMMENT: Keigan is working hard and improvement is evident. The support from home is greatly appreciated. Word building skills have improved significantly. Keep going Keigan!

We do not get at third term report – so the next one will be the end of year report – cannot wait to hear what they have to say THEN! Think I can see him seeing the possibility that he just might be able to catch up to the reading level of the ‘top of the class’ reader!VIVA ANT IN PINK PANTS!!!

– J