Thought you might like to know…we had a playdate recently and the mum lent me 2 books from her child’s collection. I hadn’t even realised how many “series” were out there now. She read Dork Diaries fairly recently. She just asked for some books (omg I actually got in trouble for not having “good books” for her), so on the weekend we went and bought the box set of the Weir Doh series. So far she has read one and started the next! So definitely progress, I just realised she’s turning the corner on reading for pleasure! Although Netflix still wins, the fact she read in the supermarket trolley whilst I pushed and shopped (wasn’t about to say No to her WANTING to read!), and when we got broadband installed other day and net was down she got out the 2nd book. And she’s getting into the ‘read in bed before lights out’ thing. Her school reports do not suggest she is behind at all except for punctuation and paragraphs, no biggie. Cheers!

– M