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Hi Sarah,

We are now on lesson 50 and my son is still hooked – although no longer rising at 6am to do Easyread.  His fluency has grown enormously since lesson 15, and so to his confidence. He is now happily re-reading each page twice having initially struggled to make it through once in the time recommended. The most miraculous aspect of your course is that it has transformed his attitude to learning to read.  From an insurmountable and torturous journey that he would rather not take, it has become a satisfying daily exercise that brings us both pleasure!  We have both been empowered!  Thank you.  Yesterday, for the first time, he read an early learner book to us unaided and unprompted.  The only suggestion I would make in terms of structure is that he is beginning to tire of the Monkey puzzle game.

Many thanks

– A