We don’t know how to thank you enough for what your system offers, and truly DELIVERS!

8 months ago, my son absolutely hated reading. He was behind his classmates, got upset every time we tried to get him to read, got agitated and frustrated almost immediately upon trying to read. And unfortunately, even his school had him trying to memorize sight-words, which was their solution to what they saw as his ‘problem’, which was not working at all – and only increased his frustration and feelings of isolation.

After only 20 minutes of online research, I was directed to Easyread. What I read sounded like exactly the challenges my son was experiencing. I loved the idea that the lessons were short, entertaining, active and interesting, and that they focused on short but consistent lessons. We started the trial – my son was instantly involved and excited – and had fun! We started our membership as soon as the trial ended, and as of this week have reached the end of the program.

Easyread is a comprehensive system – great games and lessons for kids, LOTS of check-ins from staff, so you know you’re on the right track, and have someone real to talk to or to ask questions of if you find a challenge or a struggle. And with frequent rewards, codewords, prizes, and a fun spy-theme, they keep the kids actively interested and pushing to continue and move forward.

Parallel to the lessons for the student, there are fantastic resources for the parent/teacher – videos, quizzes, and lessons, so that you, as the adult, understand what the child/student is experiencing – why they have been struggling, and what the steps are to resolving those challenges.

It does take commitment – since consistency is critical to the continued growth and progress. But only a month in, we saw *serious* improvement in our son’s reading, and even more importantly, his attitude completely changed! He no longer hated reading! We no longer argued when he tried to read. He started to feel proud of himself and his progress!

Now, as we reach the end of the program, our son is reading at or above his grade level, and he enjoys reading independently, and more impressively, is able to break down the most challenging words with ease…. I have goosebumps as I write this – because I didn’t think that such a small commitment, such a fun system, could have such a profound impact on our son’s life, and our life….

Thank you Easyread. We could not recommend your system more highly!