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We just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all the help Matthew and I have received over the last ten months. The Easyread programme has be fantastic. Matthew’s reading has improved and he has now caught up with his peers. He, I think, will never be a lover of books, but if he finds a book that excites him, he is very keen to read. He still finds spelling difficult but we have seen an improvement.

The length if each session was great any more and Matthew would of been fidgety. He absolutely loved the games, except for the mushroom picker, although I thought it was fine. I liked the way the games all worked in different ways, making Matthew decipher the words or images. The stories were great encouraging Matthew to decipher the Easyread character revealing the story, how he managed to read it so fast I don’t know.

I really have nothing negative to say about Easyread except that part of me wishes it went on a bit longer. Matthew has now started his final year at junior school and I hope we can keep the momentum going.

Please thank David for the wonderful concept of Easyread.
We wish you well with the programme.

P & M