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Izzie’s reading has become significantly better, she is reading much more fluently, is now able to tackle words by decoding, and gaining success with those “tricky” words. Izzie was a child who would scan a page and if she spotted a word she couldn’t instantly read she would rather not read the entire page at all. She now reads with ease and when faced with a tricky words she gets on and decodes them.

I’m convinced that much of Izzie’s problems with reading was due to lack in confidence and a dislike of getting anything incorrect. She takes reading in her stride now; is clearly much more confident, and doesn’t get annoyed with herself if she gets it wrong, instead switching instantly to decoding.

Most of the reading is now fluent, with more speed and confidence and has raced through from stage 3/4 to the tail end of stage 7 in 2 months! We’ve noticed that she reading things outside too, road signs, menus, leaflets.

I wouldn’t say that she has suddenly developed a great love of reading but we’ve certainly waved goodbye to the relucant reader that we used to battle with daily!

We are very excited about her progress to date and are very much looking forward to seeing how much her reading develops over the next few months.

– S