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Tonight Isabelle insisted that she did Easyread ON HER OWN – I just hovered in the kitchen pretending to read a leaflet. I think she did really well and it was lovely to see her wanting to do things independently!

All in all, she’s steadily gaining confidence and we’re all really amazed at how quickly it’s all clicking and coming together. She read half a page of the Magic Faraway Tree to me the other evening and did brilliantly!!

I’ve also noticed a lot of reading whilst we’re sat in traffic in the morning. She read the adverts on the back of the bus yesterday, and tonight she sounded out and read the advert for a building firm on the back of a van. She read “Banbury Road”, and other road names too. It’s this kind of reading I’m really beginning to notice (the reading when she’s not asked to read!) – she is obviously seeing words now and just realising that she can read them! It’s great!!!!