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We’re at Lesson 60 now and he still gets a daily buzz out of what he calls his “Spy Code Pages” – oh the excitement of decoding something that Daddy and his brother/sister can’t fathom!

The “little & often” aspects of the programme have been particularly appealing – the impact on our day is minimal and with Joshie’s unceasing enthusiasm for Easyread we’ve managed to do a lesson almost every day. Far better for his learning style than visiting a tutor once a week. The prizes have been an inspired aspect of the programme, especially in the early stages. Really helped him buy into the whole Easyread concept.

We were locked out once for taking too long which Josh found quite worrying. But on the plus side, that experience has sharpened him up when we’re decoding – he zips along to stop it ever happening again. I particularly like the way that I’ve been supported and “trained” by you to help Josh. It’s been wonderful to know I’ve not been taking him on this journey in isolation.

We were fully aware that changes in normal reading weren’t expected until Lesson 90. Yet progress has been visible here for several weeks now – and that’s in a 5 year old with sensory and concentration issues. It may be subtle progress but to us it’s astounding. He’ll spontaneously pick up his school reading books and decode away. He seems to have lost all “fear” of sentences, he’ll sound out the words on signs in shop, and spelling is becoming interesting. He self corrects about 60% of the time as he reads which is a joy to watch and he’s making clear connections between words and sounds that are spelled one way but pronounced another, like “what”.

We were hitting a complete brick wall with this before Easyread. We’re still dealing with very basic reading books, but he’s getting a taste of success like never before and I’m sure Easyread will be the key that unlocks literacy for him.
Many thanks,