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What I have liked so far:

1. The fact Joshua’s confidence is soaring so quickly. I did not expect that. He has not resisted once, usually typical prior to us finding this programme. Its very much aligning with him.

2. The simplicity, by that I mean its’ not heaps of text books, it’s long enough but not too long to keep his attention at full. I love the flow of it.

3. The trainer text characters, my goodness, they work! Nothing has worked for Josh before, it was not clicking. It’s early days but I am noticing him clicking with this, he is now looking at the characters and working it out, he is blending, albeit slowly but this is huge for us. What is huge is that he believes he can do it now, to me that is a major part of this mountain scaled.

4. Love the support, felt very reassured after our phone call, I have in the past relied on my not messing up for him, or missing something I should be doing. I really like that I, as a parent, feel guided alongside him through this.