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Yes, we are seeing improvement for Kai with Easyread. The monkey game in particular has become enjoyable. He told me so this morning “Mum, I actually like the monkey game now”. We like the things we are good at!

I have seen a big improvement in reading the story as well. And I think the eye tracking exercises (in spite of how difficult it actually was to do 10 exercises every single day for 10 days!!!) have really paid off. I didn’t notice much improvement while we were doing them and I must admit I was wondering whether it was worth the pain, but since then, I have noticed quite a huge difference. He is not jumping words or lines anywhere near as much as earlier. And we have switched off the highlight. He is also choosing to play the Eggi game…as in asking me if he can play, which again I take to mean he feels it is something he can accomplish!

His reading generally has improved too. He is tending to try to sound out words rather than just guess based on the first letter and I am better at helping him by sounding out the words I can see he is stuck on, which was great advice from David. Overall I can see a big improvement.

The lesson we did with Sarah on Skype was an absolute god-send as it is really important for the parent to feel confident that they are helping in the right way and that the child is indeed on track (we don’t have other children to compare with). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the personal contact with you guys. I think that is such a fundamental part of this program.

I am very happy with the program. Just the fact that I don’t have to coerce him into doing a lesson every day is amazing!