Yes, Xavier has clearly progressed in his decoding. After reading the reminder below to have him reread each phrase, we have been doing so, and that does seem to be helping his fluency as well.
He still has moments of frustration with spelling now that he is working on the spelling typing. He is rarely missing easy words now, but still confuses “b” and “d” without the trainer sounds.
He does a lot of fidgeting during lessons, but loves to play super search and letter quest, and he has already been telling his teacher about the “accidental inventions” he’s been reading about over the summer. Overall, I am very happy with his progress, and hope to continue to see an improvement between lessons 90 and 120, especially now that school is back in session here and we have a more consistent family schedule.

Thank you for this program, it has provided the balance of structure and fun that I believe has helped keep him engaged in learning!