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Zachary has been making progress and continues to grow in confidence and fluency within the easy read system. He is quite fast deciphering the words using the characters (better than me in fact!!) and this is most evident when reading the story. He still gets caught out at times guessing and if a more difficult word he varies between going “oh bother I got it wrong its…..” to having quite a melt down. This is generally on the games where he gets into conflict between speed and correctness. When confident he continuously says “this is too easy!”. I think he is affected by tiredness and by his own belief depending on what sort of day he has had.

Thankyou it was good for us to understand that we would see progress more in easyread than outside of this.

Both my Mum and I are doing the easy read system together with my son, and we are both very excited by his progress so far and the hope it provides. We have all seen the great both easy and achievable strategies for eye tracking results with great outcomes in a short space of time. impressive and logical!The service we have had has been super. What further impresses and both relieves and excites me is my childs motivation to do this program every night without any adult motivators. He doesnt want to miss one day, and the only time we have, has been due to one of us being too sick to accomplish this. The only ask for me would be a reminder email if I miss a phone call.

Many thanks! Andrea