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Oscar received a merit award at school last week!

Thank you so much for helping us on this amazing journey. We have both learnt so much about reading and how the brain works. Oscar has enjoyed all the games, especially Mole Wacker. Oscar received a merit award at school last week for his enthusiasm in reading groups...

I have been waiting for this milestone for many years!

We are beyond blessed that our friend, Stephanie, shared her child’s experience with Easyread when I was voicing my concerns for Avery’s lack of reading progress. I’ll admit I had my reservations about trying another approach, but I truly appreciated the 10 lesson...

Thanks for what you do

hi Easyread I wont to thank you for the birthday wish I had some great presents and I had a great birthday. and I love how much you gise are doing for me thanks to you gise I am slole getting better at reading thanks for wut you do. Isabela