Teacher Reviews

It is going really well – I have been really impressed! We have 4 boys…

It is going really well – I have been really impressed! We have 4 boys doing Easyread at the moment. The youngest is in Year 2 and was really struggling with reading and writing. He has never been formally assessed but he has all the traits of Dyslexia. He is really enjoying Easyread and his class teacher reports that he is now writing in class! When I asked him about his writing he told me that he is writing now as he can now spell and read lots of the words which is fantastic!

The other boys are older – Yr 4, Yr 5 and Yr 6 and all making progress. The Year 6 boy has a Statement and has complex learning difficulties but is able to access Easyread – he loves the games, can tell me all the characters and is happy to have a go independently.

Alison, St Lawrence School

Results are very encouraging!

Today we have re-tested some of the children who have been on the Easyread trial and the results are very encouraging. The class teacher is very pleased with the way it seems to be impacting on the children’s writing and spelling as well as reading and also in some cases their confidence.

– Old Earth Primary School

Massive decoding improvement

I have another student E who has responded very well to EasyRead. She has made massive improvement with her decoding and is positive towards the lessons. She is reading the EasyRead text fluently at the moment and completes the scramble text page with little support.

– Westfield Junior School

Such fabulous stuff!

Hello all,
Just wanted to share some lovely Easyread news with you-Steven told me today in our session completely out of the blue that ER has really helped him with his English and that he was able to plan his English assessment and felt confident to do so.
Saud said that he’s finding his reading a bit easier and Will, who couldn’t / wouldn’t even pick up a reading book back in September has just got 100% in his accelerated reading test.  Such fabulous stuff! 🙂

Two of our year7 (age 12) students have made excellent progress…

Working with Easyread , two of our year7 (age 12) students have made excellent progress. In 5 months their Easyread test levels have improved from reading level 3 and 4  to level 8, and their spelling from level 1 to 2 and level 2 to 4.
Easyread have been very helpful with prompt advice and answers to any questions we had. Most importantly our students have been happy to use Easyread  frequently, with its short sessions  and  games.
Their independent reading and spelling confidence have increased as they enjoyed success.
One improvement we would welcome would be to see Easyread   introduce characters and stories  more suited to older/ mature students, as secondary school pupils can be reluctant to engage with nursery tales and characters.