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British award-winning actor Anthony Andrews is perhaps best known for playing Lord Sebastian Flyte in Bridehead’s Revisited. He more recently played a cameo role in The King’s Speech.

Anthony_Andrews_Allan_WarrenAnd he has dyslexia.

As a child, he struggled to read very early on in school. After years of reading difficulty, one of his teachers (named Mr Quibble-Smith!) had the idea to cast Andrews in the school play, to give him confidence in reading aloud. It turned out he was also responsible for planting in Andrews a lifelong passion for acting.

He has always struggled with reading scripts as a part of his professional career.

He says: “Whenever I turn to a page my eyes still automatically go to the middle and that is a hangover from school days when I was so terrified I just wanted to get to the end of the text… It’s been a painful process and a struggle over the years for me to unjumble words and learn to read. I still find reading a slog, my spelling is atrocious and I often write down telephone numbers wrongly.”

Perhaps we should sign him up for Easyread!

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