Well, you said the next few weeks would be exciting but HOLY SMOKE! I wasn’t quite prepared for the miracle that seems to be unfolding in my house as I write.
I bought Elsa a copy of Harry Potter last week thinking it would be a book we’d read together, anticipating that Elsa’s Dad or I would probably end up doing most of the reading. Well, that hasn’t happened! Instead Elsa, my “reluctant reader”, has started to take herself off to read quietly to herself- unbidden! And she can gobble through up to 40 pages at a sitting. I even found her reading under the duvet with a torch the other night.
Up until now even getting her to read 5 pages in a sitting required quite a bit of nudging and she certainly didn’t initiate the activity herself.
Needless to say we are thrilled. She has also written a very beautiful short story about a platypus & her spelling was pretty good.
Thanks SO MUCH!