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Thanks for your email. Joseph is very excited about the helicopter. The promise of receiving it (and the other prizes along the way) has definitely been one of the benefits of doing the course as it has really provided additional motivation for Joseph to do the lessons almost every day. This means he has, without a doubt, done far more reading practice that he would have done over the past 8 months.

The trainer text has been great and I have really appreciated the ability to make it appear by clicking on the words, particularly for really tricky words when it is impossible to think of a way to break them down sensibly otherwise!
It was really interesting to identify that Joseph had an issue with eye tracking (I couldn’t believe it when I watched one eye roll into the centre and basically stay there!) and great to see how much it improved with the eye tracking exercises.

It was really helpful to have the support calls so I appreciated them too (and it was fun to hear David and Sarah’s very familiar voices when I answered the calls). Joseph really enjoyed saying hello to David too!

– R