Famous Dyslexics: Duncan Goodhew

Duncan Goodhew is a famous British swimmer and sport advocate who medalled at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. And he is dyslexic. He struggled with reading and literacy from a young age, though his dyslexia was not diagnosed until his teens. He has said in interviews that...

Wonderful program!

She is rereading everything and seems to be enjoying the story. Lindsay is reading more of her school lessons with less help. So we are seeing improvement in small steps, but it’s encouraging. Thanks again for this wonderful program.


Just for your interest I had the teacher at school comment on improvement with him in reading 🙂 which is awesome!!!!! So thanks for your help so far.

I am stunned!!

All is going well. William bought home a school journal/chapter book and managed to read practically all of the words – I am stunned!! Compared to where we were a few months ago! I am going to check with the teacher where he is at as the book was for over age 8...